Vitamin D3/K2

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Vitamin D probably wasn’t at the top of your list of nutritional supplements used by people in recovery. But science is showing that this vitamin may have a huge part to play. First, some studies have found low vitamin D levels in people who crave alcohol. There’s also a link between vitamin D levels and mental health.

Vitamin D supports the health of neurons in the brain, specifically the ones that produce dopamine. Drugs and alcohol can cause levels of this brain chemical to nosedive over time. But animal studies show vitamin D protects against the dopamine-lowering effects of drugs like methamphetamine. Vitamin D also regulates genes involved in dopamine production.

This vitamin also controls the way your body uses calcium. Research shows that the higher your calcium level, the less you crave alcohol.

It’s important to take both vitamin D3 and K2. Vitamin D3 controls your blood levels of calcium so that your body has enough to stay healthy. Vitamin K2 sends calcium to areas in the body where it’s needed most…

ingredients Vitamin D3/K2 – Vitamin D3 ,Vitamin K2,Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose,Vegetable Fiber